Helvetica and the New York City Subway System: The True (Maybe) Story by Paul Shaw

Left Image:
Fulton Street (4/5)

Center Image:
Lefferts Boulevard (A)

Right Image:
Prince Street (R/W)

MIT Press Edition

For those who were unable to get a copy of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System you now have a second chance. The book has been republished by The MIT Press and is now available. The format and page count is the same as the original Blue Pencil Editions version but errors (both factual and typographic) have been corrected and some new information has been added.

Abby Goldstein and I redesigned nearly half of the pages in the book in order to accommodate the new information along with an additional fifteen photographs. Scott Kosofsky of The Philidor Company, who oversaw production of the book, did new retouching on all of the images. The book is hardcover with a jacket designed by Abby and myself. The front image is derived from p.45 from the 1970 New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual designed by Massimo Vignelli of Unimark International.

The MIT Press has priced the new edition at the very affordable price of $39.95. Please buy the book directly from them or from independent bookstores. Support your local economy.

Helvetica Subway T-Shirts

Fans of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System can now proclaim their allegiance with a specially-designed t-shirt. The black t-shirt, designed by Abby Goldstein and Paul Shaw, mimics the binding of the Blue Pencil edition of the book with the word Subway in white on both sides. On one side it is set in Helvetica and on the other in AG Oldface (standing in for Standard). The incredibly soft 100% cotton shirts, manufactured by Next Level Apparel, are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. They are priced at $25 plus shipping. As of March 2012 we have: 3 large and 2 medium left. So, get yours now before it is too late.

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Helvetica Subway T-Shirt front and back.

Blue Pencil Limited Edition

Designed by: Paul Shaw and Abby Goldstein
Typefaces: AG Oldface and Monotype Grotesque
Printing: Capital Offset, Concord, New Hampshire
Binding: Acme Bookbinding, Charlestown, Massachusetts
144 pages, landscape format, hardcover with 273 illustrations (many never seen before)
Edition limited to 500 copies

Helvetica and the New York City Subway System (Limited Edition) is sold out. We printed 500 copies, 400 for sale with the remainder reserved for contributors, family and friends. We sold out those 400 copies on January 28th and then the 98 overs (including those slightly damaged) on February 11th.